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B Cyde Books looks forward to ushering in aspiring authors into the literary arts arena on their own terms and within the likes of a comfort zone of creativity where they can learn, grow, and navigate freely artistically. We want fascinating material, uninhibited artists and only those willing to take the necessary steps to invest in self! Here at B Cyde Books we make no promises except that we are willing to share what we know to get the writer in you started on the right track correctly and creatively, from copyright to publication. We WILL NOT put you on, but WE WILL HELP YOU put YOURSELF ON! 

B Cyde Books is the premier literary resource imprint assisting authors in print, digital and audio publishing in and throughout metropolitan Detroit, MI and beyond. We offer studio time rental for narration and production of audio books also. For more information and pricing packages to get your Literary Dreams started call 313-288-2893

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B Cyde Books

  • Poetic Desires by Tyra L. Butler - An Enlightening, Engaging and Entertaining Book of Poetry
  • Toast to the Fool by Tracie E. Christian - A story of 5 friends scuffling and struggleing to juggle the mess of their innner fool
  • The Black College Sabbatical (trilogies) by Tracie E. Christian - a story of the educational journey of 4 young ladies on the ride of their lives as they enter into womanhood via the vlack college experience